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Absolute Admissions played a pivotal role in helping me get accepted into a Master In Management at HEC Paris and Yale. As my GRE score was lower than the average score at both schools and the program was highly competitive.

It is difficult to learn the complex nuances for the different strategies of approaching the question types from a book. That’s why the instructors’ input was invaluable.

I cannot thank you enough for working so hard with me, am truly blessed to have you as my coach

Thank you for helping me get accepted into my dream program- I couldn’t have done it without your help and support!

Thanks to Cara and Shimon I was able to improve my GMAT score from 680 to 710 in just two weeks.I would highly recommend Cara and Shimon to anyone doing GMAT.

Sue inspired my best efforts and celebrated with me in my successes. Sue played a huge role in my final GMAT score (770), as well as the TOEFL examination
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You might be surprised how personal and introspective the process of telling your story actually is. Your admissions essays need to highlight your character, intellect, and values. Talking through ideas can be immensely helpful. Talking to someone also helps to keep you feeling supported and on track.