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We can guide you, but we need your brainpower, ideas and input to craft an authentic application

It is easy to build a good application. However, it takes a team to build a stellar one. Our team will help you craft the perfect essays and resume and help you articulate your goals, to ensure that you always have the best foot forward when you meet school representatives.

You will need to partner with us in the process. You’ll need to do your research, network with schools and alumni, and give your best efforts at test preparation. But don’t worry, we will guide you through the steps you need to take.

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The process

Profile evaluation, Strategic positioning and School selection

Choosing the correct programme and the perfect school for your studies is the first step in your journey. School selection needs to be done with utmost care, looking at your current profile and future aspirations. We offer our guidance and support to maximize your chances of admissions into the most apt programmes.

Test preparation consultation

The GMAT scores that you get play a major role in the schools you choose. We are master GMAT tutors with a shared passion for teaching, and an obsession with the test. It’s the right combination to ensure that whatever your score or ability, from novice to expert, we can help you improve. We have a deep understanding of the test, how it operates and how to strategize to get your best score.

Positioning your Professional goals and crafting your resume

Having evaluated the profile, we will now work towards crafting your professional goals and building up your CV and even your LinkedIn profile.

Choosing your recommenders

Letters of Reference/Recommendation: Schools require you to submit two or more letters of recommendation from your academic instructors and professional seniors. Even though this is an exercise where you have the least amount of input to give, this is also where many students trip. Choosing a recommender is a task that should be taken up with much deliberation. The recommender you choose will need to be not just someone you know, but s/he needs to be someone who is willing to be your support. Getting the help of an admissions expert before zeroing on a recommender is a good idea.


Brainstorming essay topics

Having completed the steps above, we now come to the most important aspect of the application: the essays. The application process can be an exciting or a tedious process: as per your choice. The process involves a lot of introspection and writing. This process is a long one and often times having someone with a strong knowledge of the system and how it functions plays a major role in crafting the most efficient essay. Your coach through this process will be your sounding board and your mentor. An entire session will be devoted to the development of the essays where you and your coach will brainstorm and come up with the ideas and values you intend to put into the essays

Essay review and editing process

Once you finish writing the essays, it is time to review the essays and look at it with a critical eye. What you write might be what you want to say but presentation matters too! With the help of your coach, you will edit and reedit your essays multiple times to highlight why you would be the best person to get the seat in the classroom.

Crafting Scholarship applications

If you are looking to secure scholarships, we can help you make a compelling case, based on what you can contribute to the class.


Interview coaching

Perhaps the most nerve-racking aspect of any application is the interview. Our senior consultants have been through the same process before you and will be the perfect coaches for your interview drills.

Video Interview coaching (The Kira Talent Interview)

More and more business schools are incorporating video interviews into their admissions process—and Kira Talent is one of the most popular platforms. Schools including INSEAD, Oxford’s Saïd Business School, Berkeley Haas, Rotman School of Management, Imperial College Business School, Northwestern Kellogg, and Yale School of Management have all adopted video interviews. Unlike standard MBA admissions interviews, they are pre-recorded for an admissions committee to look over later. The process gives you an extra opportunity to put your best foot forward and make an impression, but interviewing with a computer rather than a human can be tricky.

And finally…

Final business school selection (including possible waitlist strategy)